libhugetblfs is still all of the things listed, but it is now also not host here. The project source can now be found at
And the mailing list is now hosted at and can be found here:
As part of the fall out from the hijacking of GIMP, nmap, and other projects, any downloads from SourceForge should be treated at suspect.

libhugetlbfs is a library which provides easy access to huge pages of memory. It is a wrapper for the hugetlbfs file system. Applications can use huge pages to fulfill malloc() requests without being recompiled by using LD_PRELOAD. Alternatively, applications can be linked against libhugetlbfs without source modifications to load text or BSS or BSS, data, and text segments into large pages. The library also comes with several userspace tools to help with huge page usability, environment setup, and control.

Stable release

The latest stable release is available here


Our git repository is available at not available here any more
(Note: the doubled libhugetlbfs is not a typo, due to some changes at sourceforge that is how the repo is setup)
The "master" branch tracks the current stable release and the "next" branch tracks current development.

Please send all patches, bugs, questions, or comments to not here anymore